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The Webb-Medley Family

Maria Louisa Medley (1840-1919) Maria Louisa (Molly) Medley, born 1840, was the daughter of Henry Courteney Selous, a distinguished artist and illustrator of Victorian children’s books. Among other things he received the commission to paint the Opening of the Crystal Palace Exhibition 1851, this painting now resides in the Victoria & Albert Museum. The painting … click to read more

Winsford Cottage Hospital – A Gift To North Devon

The Western Morning News: Monday, December 3, 1900 Winsford Cottage Hospital A Lady’s Noble Gift There is probably no finer or more bracing air in Devon than that which is to be found on the tract of country high above the sea level, which adjoins the South-Western Railway near Halwill and Holsworthy. It is in … click to read more

Vision Of The Winsford Trust

To make the “Winsford” a community hub focussed on the legacy of its local heritage, inspired by its influential architect CFA Voysey and its unique place in the Arts & Crafts movement, whilst remaining fully accessible to the people of North Devon. Mission To ensure that this distinctive community building is fully restored, remains in … click to read more

CFA Voysey – Great British Architect

The architect and designer Charles Voysey was a key figure in the English domestic revival. His distinctive strain of modest-sized house reflected his highly individual artistic vision and versatility as a designer, as well as the influence of Shaw, Nesfield and Devey. He became the fashionable architect for industrialists, politicians, artists and writers, yet his … click to read more

CFA Voysey – Metalwork

CFA Voysey designed a large range of architectural ironmongery between 1895-1900 which was incorporated in his furniture designs and architectural works. Originally produced for him by Art Metalwork firms such as Thomas Elsley & W. Bainbridge Reynolds, they were hand finished castings of bronze, brass and steel. The image you see is from an undated … click to read more

Victorian Wallpaper

Early Methods The tradition of wall decoration dates back to Egyptian and Roman wall paintings, and the early Chinese produced sheets of rice paper painted with birds, flowers and landscapes. During the Medieval Ages painted patterns on walls and canvas as well as woven tapestries adorned the interior of churches and castles. Thus wallpaper began … click to read more

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