Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

One of our Trustees is a retired furniture restorer who has a deep interest in the furniture designs of Charles Voysey. She writes as follows. Voysey was not a craftsman in the literal sense but was a true designer. Though primarily an architect it was his belief that no detail of a project was too … click to read more

CFA Voysey – Furniture

Voysey’s furniture designs were simple and functional and were sparingly decorated. He tended to leave wood with a natural finish rather than the more fashionable technique of paint or stain. As a designer, Charles Voysey paid meticulous attention to detail. His characteristic heart shaped motifs can be seen on many of his pieces of furniture … click to read more

CFA Voysey – Great British Architect

The architect and designer Charles Voysey was a key figure in the English domestic revival. His distinctive strain of modest-sized house reflected his highly individual artistic vision and versatility as a designer, as well as the influence of Shaw, Nesfield and Devey. He became the fashionable architect for industrialists, politicians, artists and writers, yet his … click to read more

CFA Voysey – Metalwork

CFA Voysey designed a large range of architectural ironmongery between 1895-1900 which was incorporated in his furniture designs and architectural works. Originally produced for him by Art Metalwork firms such as Thomas Elsley & W. Bainbridge Reynolds, they were hand finished castings of bronze, brass and steel. The image you see is from an undated … click to read more

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