Art Nouveau – The Reseau Art Nouveau Network

Logo of the Reseau Art Nouveau Network

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network is a European coordination network, which brings together today many European cities around their magnificent Art nouveau heritage, in order to pursue an ambitious programme of study, protection and enhancer of Art nouveau.

Enterprising and committed, the Network defends a scientific approach and aims in the same time to inform professionals and sensitize the general public and the young people to the cultural values and to the European dimension of this heritage. Since its creation in 1999 by the Monuments et Sites Direction of the Bruxelles-Capitale Region, the network has developed four projects with the support of the “Culture 2007-2013” Programme of the European Union, creating numerous activities (exhibitions, publications, symposiums, educational tools, trainings). Its last project “Art Nouveau & Ecology” (2010-2015), offers a touring exhibition, conferences and educational activities. Contact point between the network and the Art nouveau lover, the website Reseau Art Nouveau Network (soon available in 7 languages) enables to discover its news, activities and informations about the partner-cities, as well as to sign up for the network’s newsletter. Exhibitions, conferences, publications and links dedicated to Art nouveau of all over the world appear also on the website. Professionals and students can find there scientific tools about Art nouveau too, notably thesis and specialized resource centers.