Queens Jubilee Flower Border – Final Design And Planting

Monday 28 May had been decided on for the planting out of the Jubilee Garden. Unfortunately, this was later than planned, due to the difficulty of finding a date which was convenient to the maximum number of members.

The wonderful selection of plants gathered by the Halwill Garden Club

The afternoon was overcast, with a hint of rain in the air, so was just perfect for planting out. Boxes of assorted plants appeared from car boots and the first job was to agree a planting scheme from what was available. It looks so easy on the garden makeover programmes, when cost is no object, and one just pops down to the local Garden Centre to buy half grown trees and plants about to burst into full flower. Garden Club resources are slightly different. However, we all had the red, white and blue theme in mind and order soon emerged from what at first appeared to be chaos. It helped, of course, to have an ex school teacher as Chairman.

Anne working on the design
Elizabeth putting the final touches to the planting

After breaking down the last lumps and raking over the beds to a satisfactory tilth, we were soon at the task of planting out the scheme we had devised. As we did it, we could quickly see that it was going to work.

After planting out the main bed we turned our attention to what we had dubbed the ‘experimental bed’. This task was, in essence, to plant out in another attractive scheme using anything that was left over from the main bed and the previous week’s Garden Club Plant Swap.

Finally we puddled everything in. This was no mean feat, since the outside tap is so far from the beds that it needed two hose extensions. The resulting trickle effect meant that it took an age to fill and refill the watering cans. Again, that’s not something one sees on TV gardening programmes. Thank goodness we hadn’t decided to construct a water feature with a pond!

The Queens Jubilee border complete - with a little help from friends

The keen gardener in you may be interested to learn that a unique new rose has been produced by David Austin to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The rose, aptly named ‘Royal Jubilee’ has a large head cluster that is bursting with petals and is deep pink in color with a strong fruity fragrance. The rose featured at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The weather since has been ideal for a newly planted flower beds, though perhaps not for al fresco parties and long boat trips on the river. The Garden Club is looking forward to seeing them become a most attractive feature of the Winsford’s gardens as they mature through the summer. We hope those who attend the Halwill Open Gardens event on 17 June will find time to enjoy our Jubilee project.