Queens Diamond Jubilee Flower Border 2012

This is the second installment to our project the ‘Queens Jubilee Border 2012‘. Tuesday 24 April had been chosen for the working party to lift the turf for the Queens Jubilee Border, since it was forecast to be dry all day. An unusual thing in this very wet month. Since the Garden Club Chairman, Anne Russell, was not free on that day Anne and the Secretary met to mark out the size and position of the two beds on Monday, which was most definitely not a dry day.

Two ladies in the garden digging a border
Halwill Garden Club members digging the Jubilee Border

However, for once, the forecast was right and the Tuesday working party set to with a will. Garden Club Treasurer Kathy Grange enlisted husband Niall, Winsford stalwart Dennis Mauger, Jim Whitton and the camerawoman toiled away until aching limbs decreed enough was enough. By then the main bed had been cleared and dug and forked over, leaving a green square in the centre of the second bed.

Digging Fork At The Ready!

Fast forward to Tuesday 8 May and the garden crew were again persuaded to grab a spade and tackle the final hurdle. This time spurred on by the Chairman. After all their hard work the team decide to take a welcome break and a very deserved cup of tea! After taking tea Jim Whitton sprang into action to take credit for lifting the final turf.

Girl power came into its own with spreading compost on to the Queens Jubilee Garden and strimming all the edges to make a neat tidy job.

The next meeting of the Garden Club is on Tuesday 15 May, which is Plant Swap night. Hopefully some of the plants brought in will be of red, white and blue, to add to the already good selection that have been purchased or grown on. Volunteers for the planting party, which is the best part of the project, apart from standing back and watching nature do its thing, can then be organised. Next edition should actually begin to show a real garden emerging.